3 Questions to Ask a Potential Property Manager

By chrisrath • January 13th, 2011

rental agreementYou’ve got a few properties and now it’s time to start looking for someone to help you with the management aspect. The task of hiring a property manager in Delaware is one that you should not take lightly. The person you choose will be responsible for coordinating maintenance, fulfilling insurance requirements, and looking for potential tenants. You’ll need to find someone with specialized management skills. Here are a few questions to consider asking as you start the interview process.

Experience and Responsibilities


Start by asking your potential property manager about his experience as a property manager. The more experience the better but you may not want to rule out someone with little experience either. Follow up by asking your potential candidate what he or she feels are the responsibilities of a person in this position and listen to the answers carefully. You’ll learn quite a bit about what he knows in terms of rental and leasing rules, the enforcement of rules, maintenance, and more.

Ask about Current Relationships


Is the property manager you are considering currently handling other properties? Ask him about the number of properties he is currently in control of and inquire as to how many units are currently vacant. A good property manager will know the answer to these questions and has a firm understanding of how long it takes to find a renter for a vacant property.

Talk about Late Payments and Evictions


Ask the manager you are talking to whether or not he has ever had to evict anyone. While a low percentage of evictions is good, a ridiculously low number is unrealistic and is a sign that the properties may not be handled properly. Tenants who constantly pay late may not be punished properly (late fees, etc). Consider odd answers to these questions as a red flag.

Having a good property manager in Delaware is especially important if you plan to spend a lot of time away from your properties. Include these questions during your interviews and you’ll find it is a bit easier to determine which property managers are worth working with.

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chrisrath I enjoy helping people find that right home whenever faced with a relocation situation due to their job or even a major life event. Since I have access to a large inventory of homes for sale and also manage many properties in the northern Delaware region, it is easy for us to help anyone make a smooth transition into this area. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and also manage my own company Rath Management where we locate, screen, secure, counsel, and communicate with the tenant and the investor throughout the entire leasing process to keep homes filled. Our company also manages maintenance issues, collects and forwards rent monies, and even helps with the dreaded eviction process in the event a tenant does not keep up with the terms. Chris Rath

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