3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Rental Property Manager

By chrisrath • September 7th, 2011

Rental property management isn’t easy, especially if you’re a homeowner simply looking to get away from the burden that is a large home or property. Property management companies offer a wide variety of services designed to allow you to keep your property in your name, rent it out, and not necessarily worry about the day-to-day tasks associated with tenants. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a property manager.

TownhouseRental Laws Can Be Complex

Are you ready to spend a ton of time familiarizing yourself with your state’s property laws and housing regulations? You may be surprised to find that the rules in your area are more complex than you had imagined and they do apply not only on the state level but on federal levels as well. Property managers are familiar with all of the regulations that apply and will ensure you aren’t breaking any rules when renting out your home.

Marketing Your Home

Once you’ve agreed to work with a rental property management company, that group will take care of advertising your home and marketing the listings. The property manager will arrange for showings, run credit checks, and narrow down your list of prospective tenants. Property management groups know how to draw attention to properties and they stand a greater chance of finding you a reputable renter.

Dealing with Tenants

You may have contact with your tenants from time to time but your management group will take care of most of the work. They’ll collect rent payments, track late fees, handle disputes, arrange for emergency repairs, and more. The property manager will come to you with any questions, reducing your contact with your tenant(s).

There are dozens of reasons to work with a reputable rental property management company. You may pay a bit to have the service but having them act as the middle-man in your renter/tenant relationship will prove incredibly rewarding. Prepare yourself for a stress-free rental experience.

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chrisrath I enjoy helping people find that right home whenever faced with a relocation situation due to their job or even a major life event. Since I have access to a large inventory of homes for sale and also manage many properties in the northern Delaware region, it is easy for us to help anyone make a smooth transition into this area. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and also manage my own company Rath Management where we locate, screen, secure, counsel, and communicate with the tenant and the investor throughout the entire leasing process to keep homes filled. Our company also manages maintenance issues, collects and forwards rent monies, and even helps with the dreaded eviction process in the event a tenant does not keep up with the terms. Chris Rath

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