How to Choose the Best Moving Company

By chrisrath • July 7th, 2011

So you’ve found the perfect place to live, you’ve talked to the Delaware property management group, and you’ve set a move-in date. The next thing you need to do is find the best moving company to help you get all of your belongings from your old home to your new home. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for the big day.


Thing About Your Needs

Are you moving locally or are you traveling to a new state or region? If the former, a local company will likely do the job with no trouble. If the latter, you’ll need a company experienced in relocating households. They’ll have more experience packing your belongings for long hauls and will be less likely to damage your valuables.

Ask for References

The best way to avoid hiring a fly-by-night company – one who will damage your goods or who may not even show up with your stuff – is by asking for references. Talk to those you know and trust and find out about their experiences with moving companies. Listen carefully to both the recommendations and negative feedback. Avoid anyone with bad reviews and make a short-list of those your family and friends enjoyed working with.


Start the Interview Process

Start by calling the companies on your short-list to ask for some basic information. How long has the company been in business?  How much experience do each of their drivers have? If you’re moving from state to state, find out if they are licensed for interstate work. Find out if they are insured and what their policies are if your belongings should become damaged during the move. Don’t even bother asking about price if you aren’t happy with the answers to these questions.

Call the Better Business Bureau


Unhappy customers are very likely to call the Better Business Bureau to file complaints against movers they aren’t happy with. Call your local organization, or look online, to find out if any complaints have been filed against the companies you are considering. If there were complaints, make sure you pay special attention to how they were resolved. Shy away from companies who ignore complaints and focus on those without any at all.

Ask for Quotes

No good moving company can give you a true estimate without coming out to your house to see what they’ll be moving first. This is why you want to narrow down your list of prospective moving companies before you ask for quotes. Invite the companies you are seriously considering to take a look around. Make sure the quote you receive is in writing and includes all applicable fees and taxes. Take this opportunity to ask the mover visiting your home again about his experiences. Judge whether or not you feel comfortable with the people you meet. They’ll be handling all of your personal belongings on moving day.

Take your time and choose carefully before you hire a mover. You may even want to ask your Delaware property manager if he or she can make a recommendation based on past experiences. Make the right choice and all of your personal effects will make it to your new home in once piece!

About the author

chrisrath I enjoy helping people find that right home whenever faced with a relocation situation due to their job or even a major life event. Since I have access to a large inventory of homes for sale and also manage many properties in the northern Delaware region, it is easy for us to help anyone make a smooth transition into this area. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and also manage my own company Rath Management where we locate, screen, secure, counsel, and communicate with the tenant and the investor throughout the entire leasing process to keep homes filled. Our company also manages maintenance issues, collects and forwards rent monies, and even helps with the dreaded eviction process in the event a tenant does not keep up with the terms. Chris Rath

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