Renting to College Students

By chrisrath • July 7th, 2010

Renting a home to college students sounds like such a bad idea to many homeowners. Unfortunately, college-age renters have a bad reputation for being less than perfect tenants. Homeowners constantly worry that they will get a call from the police about their student tenants, there will be parties all night, or the renters will cause a great amount of damage to the homeowner’s property.

Many people who rent their houses to others are scared to rent to college students because they believe the students are not mature enough to respect the homeowners and are not responsible enough to take care of the homeowner’s property. However, there are some steps that can be taken that will help the homeowner feel better about renting to college students.

After a potential renter is screened thoroughly, have them sign a written guarantee so you know you will be reimbursed for damage to the house and you know the tenant will pay rent on time. It is a good idea to have the parents sign, too.

Tell the tenant that if they rent the house, they can expect random visits from you to make sure everything is fine. Since they will not know when you are going to show up, they will always have the house neat and tidy just in case you stop by. If you think you are up to the challenge of renting to college students, don’t be afraid to be tough on them. College-age tenants need to be kept on a tight leash if you are afraid they will hurt your house. Always remind them that this is their chance to prove they are responsible adults by living alone in a house they don’t own!

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chrisrath I enjoy helping people find that right home whenever faced with a relocation situation due to their job or even a major life event. Since I have access to a large inventory of homes for sale and also manage many properties in the northern Delaware region, it is easy for us to help anyone make a smooth transition into this area. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and also manage my own company Rath Management where we locate, screen, secure, counsel, and communicate with the tenant and the investor throughout the entire leasing process to keep homes filled. Our company also manages maintenance issues, collects and forwards rent monies, and even helps with the dreaded eviction process in the event a tenant does not keep up with the terms. Chris Rath

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