What is a Cap Rate?

By chrisrath • August 29th, 2012

A Cap Rate (Capitilization Rate) is essentially a ratio between your net operation income that’s given off by an asset and the capital cost or also known as, the price you originally paid to obtain the asset in the first place. The cap rate is basically figured out by a simple formula:

Annual net operating income over the cost or value.

In our current economy and market, the cap rate of the property or asset is something that should be taken into account because of how fluctuating the housing market currently is.

What Is A Rate That I Should Be Shooting For?

Commonly, people like to shoot for 10%. Price reductions and the massive amount of foreclosures especially make this easy to obtain. There are some areas however that have cap rates as low as 7% such as Toronto and other parts of Canada. It really depends on the area you’re looking to invest into, the market you’re investing into and the general economy of the area. As a whole, the economy is currently in a slump and nothing’s certain for the moment.

As a realistic figure, you can expect 10% to be an achievable goal unless you’re going into retail investment. Retail has a much different number and as of 2012, the small retail market is suffering greatly. No one is certain on how long the small retail market will last at a profitable number but right now the best bet for investment is to buy into forclosed houses in decent areas. Stay away from projects and ghetto type areas as you’ll only see loss and you generally won’t be dealing with your ideal type of people if you decide to rent out these kinds of properties.

As a whole, your capitilization rate should be expected to hit around 10% or so.

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